Cartridge Type Dust Collector


Features of this product:

The cartridge type dust collector is developed basing on the combination of international advanced technologies and our own application experience:

¨ Foldable cartridge filter & compact structure can reduce use of landscape.                    

¨ Membrane cartridge improves the filtration efficiency (up to 99.99% for dust ³ 1µm).

¨ Filtration material and water has a angle of 108+ degrees  in between to avoid damp dust staining filtration material.

¨ Stiffened membrane cartridge & surface filtration with low block coefficient and material extension rate help achieving low operation resistance, low de-dusting frequency, superb de-dusting result and longer life span.

¨ Drawer type cartridge structure guarantees easy installation & maintenance.

¨  The dust collector has a unit-combined structure with 2 to 4 layers per unit and can be connected by units according to needs.

¨ The inlet has two types: J and C. C-type sink flow inlet is particularly used  for sharp, hard and high concentration dust grains to extend the life span of cartridge and equalize the flow of gas.

¨ The outlet has two types: S and X, which may be chosen due to specific requirements.


Available Models:


WPS-SMBS-3-12, WPS-SMBS-3-24, WPS-SMBS-3-36, WPS-SMBS-3-48

WPS-SMBS-4-16, WPS-SMBS-4-32, WPS-SMBS-4-48, WPS-SMBS-4-64










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Frame of WPS-CART :

Note: dimensions and numbers may not be accurate according to the pictures.