Bag-Type Pulse Cleaning Dust Collector For Blast Furnace


Features of this product:

The application of pulse bag-type collector to blast furnace gas, and the development of new filtration material with superb heat resistance, help WPS-BPBF to achieve the best de-dusting result by keeping the concentration of blast furnace gas under 5 mg/m3N.

¨ Cylinder cartridge                                     

¨ Dust storage under dust discharge device

¨ Safety valve on top

¨ Long bag with low pulse

¨ Pulse de-dusting and inert gas (Nitrogen) as pressurized gas


Available Models:

WPS-BPBF-3200,  WPS-BPBF-3400,  WPS-BPBF-3600

WPS-BPBF-3800,  WPS-BPBF-4000,  WPS-BPBF-4200




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Frame of WPS-BPBF with Single Cartridge:

Frame of WPS-BPBF with Multiple Cartridges:

Note: dimensions and numbers may not be accurate according to the pictures.