HRT Radial Spin Separator

For gas flow in any direction


The HRT Radial Spin Separator is an in-line unit that uses centrifugal spin to separate droplets form the gas stream. It is a versatile design which is used in applications where plugging may be a problem.



̃ High liquid capacity

̃ Gas flow can be in any direction, including down-flow

̃ Retrofits easily in existing ductwork

̃ Suitable for vacuum and pressure processes

̃ Non-plugging, maintenance-free operation

̃ No moving parts


Materials of Construction:

̃ Metals: 304, 316 stainless steels, carbon steel;

̃ Plastic: FRP and Thermoplastic lined FRP;

̃ Available in any fabricatable material


Operating Range:

̃ Face velocity: 6-12 m/s; special types up to 15m/s.

̃ Limit drop size: 25+ microns, depends on gas flow

̃ Capacity: 2000 – 200,000 ACFM

̃ Performance data shown in curves is f(face velocity) at standard gas density (1.2 kg/m3)  Actual performance is based on actual process data.

        (Conversion: 1m/s ~ 200 ft/min; 1 mbar ~ 0.4” WG)



Used in gas streams containing “dirty” droplets which cause plugging or rain-out, and where maintenance-free operation is essential.

̃ Protection of ventilation fans; paper machine exhausts

̃ Collection of entrainment from scrubbers, especially with particulate loading; reactors; blow tanks (pulp); evaporators; steam vents; general process gas cleaning;

̃ Elimination of droplet rain-out – stack mounted


Application Bulletins:

Available on request


We supply:

HRT Separator complete with all necessary accessories (spray, hatch, pre-separator etc.): coupled with system fan; also stack for rain-out types.


Principle of Operation:

Specially designed static spin vanes in the inlet throat induce a high velocity spin which separates the

droplets from the gas by centrifugal force. The droplets collect in the separation chamber and drain from the

separator body.

Product Detail

Types and designations

Series HRT: (Radial spin separators)


These are a family of separators that use axial spin         

(in-line centrifugal) to separate droplets from the gas.

They are available in a wide variety of configurations

and operate with the gas flow in any direction

(including vertically downwards). They are used a lot

in "dirty applications" i.e. where there are plugging

materials present. The HRT does not have the

smallest limit drop size but it is the most versatile and is un-pluggable.


The HRT is supplied as an integral unit complete with housing or a part of stack or pipe system.