Watson Process Systems was incorporated in 1983 as a joint venture with GVD of Germany to design and sell their line of droplet separation equipment in the North American market. GVD had developed state-of-the-art separation technology through extensive research, and was the leader in vane and centrifugal spin separators. In 1986 Watson Process Systems took over GVD's interest in the North American market. Since that time Watson Process Systems has expanded the scope of the droplet separation technologies supplied. We now offer one of the most comprehensive mist eliminator programs in North America.


We are well known for our innovative designs and have developed a number of special designs for difficult applications. Our designs are rooted in sound engineering, and an in-depth knowledge of the physics and chemistry of the process. We have developed a reputation for the excellence of design, manufacturing quality, and technical support for the products we sell. We deliver on time and our equipment performs.


Our position in the market is that of a supplier of engineered gas process equipment - not that of a commodity supplier. We prefer to supply flange to flange units, because that way all the influences important to their proper functioning are under our control. We look especially for special applications where our competitors don't want to bid because either they are not sure of the appropriate design or it requires too much engineering. We are not the cheapest on the market, but win orders on technical excellence. Our buyers are those looking for a quality product that performs and for which there is first class technical support.


In the 1990's, the company added Vortex scrubbing technology (WEV) and direct contact heat recovery technology to its range of products. Currently Watson promotes our specialities further to Green Technology and Clean Technology in wide scope.



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