Offline Bag-Type Pulse Dust Collector


Features of this product:

This large-sized offline pulse bag type collector is a product with the combination of technologies of long bag low pressure online pulse de-dusting and gas cartridge offline pulse de-dusting.


 Air path ensures gas flowing evenly

 Same structure features as WPS-BPLP

 Offline pusher type pulse blowing with fine cleaning result, suitable for handling dust with high concentration and glutinosity.

 Special multi-vane butterfly valves at the inlet combined with the offline values, possible to replace bag without shutting down.


Available Models:


WPS-BPLF-2400, WPS-BPLF-3200, WPS-BPLF-4800




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Frame of WPS-BPLF with Series Connection:

Frame of WPS-BPLF with Parallel Connection:

Note: dimensions and numbers may not be accurate according to the pictures.