Long Bag Online Low Pulse Bag-Type Pulse Dust Collector


Features of this product:

This large-sized pulse bag type collector is a successful development based on the combination of advanced technologies home and abroad. The unit-combined structure allows both series and parallel connections. This product features a high-efficiency and low -consumption blowing device, not only achieving low-pressure, short-pulse dust cleaning but also suitable for cleaning long filtration bags. The collector has a pre-separated guiding structure, allowing the dusty gas to enter from the bottom and the dust grains to be separated into the dust holder, then the gas to flow up to the filtration bag, which makes sequential blowing possible and improves the cleaning result significantly.


 Large-sized de-dusting equipment

 Compact structure

 High efficiency and reliable operation

 Easy installation and maintenance


Available Models:


WPS-BPLO-2400, WPS-BPLO-3200, WPS-BPLO-4800




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Frame of WPS-BPLO with Series Connection:

Frame of WPS-BPLO with Parallel Connection:

Note: dimensions and numbers may not be accurate according to the pictures.