List of Processes and Industries using Watson Products


 Abitibi Consolidated

 AMEC / Colt Engineering

 Alcan Aluminum

 Bowater Paper

 Cameco (Eldorado Nuclear)

 Canadian Forest Products

 Casco (Corn Products)



 Crestbrook Forest Industries

 Dow Chemical

 Eurocan Pulp and Timber



 Howe Sound Pulp & Paper

 Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting

Typical Applications

List of our current notable clients

 Imperial Oil


 Irving Paper


 MacMillan Bloedel


 Noranda Minerals

 Noranda Paper

 Norske Canada

 Pope & Talbot

 Potash Corporation

 PT Inco

 Skeena Cellulose


 Syncrude Canada

 Weyerhaeuser Canada



 Process liquid carryover

 Scrubber mist entrainment including FGD scrubbers

 Protection of Fan / blower from damage

 "Dirty" process liquid carryover

 Stack "Rain-Out"






















Watson products are used for the Elimination of:

By Process

 Air Handling

 Air Humidification

 Air Intakes

 Evaporation Processes

 Flow straightner

 Gas cooling


 Pulp making

 Scrubber Entrainment

 Spray Processes

 Stack "Rain-out"


 Vacuum coolers

By Industry

 Automotive Paint Systems

 Chemical Plants

 Food Processing

 Metallurgical Works

 Mineral Processing

 Petroleum refining

 Power Plants

 Process industries

 Pulp and Paper Mills

 Scrubbers / Air Pollution Control

 Steel works

 Textiles / Tobacco